What To Expect When You Hire An Interior Designer

Despite the common assumption that using the services of a professional interior designer is unaffordable to most of us, choosing this option can offer savings in the long run. But have you ever wondered what’s involved in the entire process of house interior design?

Phase one involves gathering and analyzing information and making all the necessary preparations before starting the actual design job. You must formulate a detailed home interior design program that will be customized towards your individual needs and objectives, as well as the size and relationship between spaces and a host of other considerations that will affect how you live in your home. If you hire an interior designer for the job, he or she will analyze your home and determine the best positioning of the furniture and spaces within to capture views and sunlight. During this first phase, the budget and schedule will also be estimated.

The second phase goes under the sign of conceptual brainstorming and exploration. It starts with the creation of a concept diagram of the house interior and several rough design sketches. During this period, designers (hired by you) will come up with the general layout, form and overall appearance of the house’s interior. When the layout, size and character of the house are refined, designers focus on the different interior elements such as stairs, fireplaces, cabinetry, and built-in furniture. To help describe some of the important technical details, different drawings will be prepared. Once this stage is finished, 70 to 80 percent of the actual house interior design work will be finished.

The next phase is called Construction Documentation and during this period, the house interior design is translated into a technical language used by the contractor. Working Drawings and specifications are made that outline in detail all of the materials that will be used, where they will be positioned and how they will be installed. Despite the fact that this stage is mostly intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some design work also takes place. Furthermore, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and finish materials such as carpet, paint colors and tile are also selected.

In the Bidding and Negotiation phase, you will receive bids from different contractors that will do the actual work. The designers you work with have a list of contractors for hire. You will be able to review their bids and negotiate the different proposals.

The last phase of the house interior design process is the actual making (construction). During this stage, interior designers will answer questions, review submittals and shop drawings and review monthly certificates of payment that are submitted by the contractor. The very final selections of fixtures and finishes are also done here. Once this stage is completed, the entire house will be thoroughly inspected to guarantee that everything is done as it should.